For over 25 years, The Gumbinner Company has been well-known for its professionalism, thorough
screening process and absolute discretion with both candidates and clients.

  • All Candidates are met in person if they live within 100 miles of New York City
  • Out of town candidates will be given a thorough Skype interview and, if possible, met in person
    prior to meeting with a client
  • Résumés will never be sent to a client without a candidate’s specific permission
  • We will facilitate the making of appointments
  • We will brief candidates before an interview so that you are as prepared as possible to meet the
    client. Because our database is 15,000 names, we often know the people you will be meeting
  • We will debrief you after your interview to determine the level of interest in the job
    and to handle any issues which may have surfaced during the interview
  • We will reference check our candidates both with references provided and with independent sources
  • We will negotiate on behalf of our clients and candidates within the framework of our clients’
  • We will follow up after you have started work to insure a smooth transition into the job (on-boarding)
    and to determine if there are any issues which we can help resolve